Porsche 930 Model

Useful Vehicle Self-Diagnostic Tools in West LA

OBDII (On-Boarding Diagnostics 2) has been standardized and required by the federal government on all cars sold in the U.S. since model 1996 onward. Our government did a great job standardizing all the different manufacturer’s systems.

1997 Porsche Turbo

Equipped With the Latest Tools

We have made significant investments in vehicle self-diagnostic tools in West LA as part of our customer commitment. A critical advantage of OBDII and the check engine light is that an intermittent fault can be stored in memory. Our equipment and the OBDII port can also go beyond engine faults.

Porsche 918 Spyde

Full Access to Information

Stuttgart Automotive, LLC can access any faults built into the system by the manufacturer. We are ahead regarding climate control, cruise, seat mirrors, and electrical systems. Our team has the training and tools to correctly diagnose and repair your German car.